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Receiving an offer from us is 100% FREE and does not create any obligation on your part whatsoever. We won’t pressure you to accept and you are free to simply walk away at any point up until a contract is signed.

We buy single family houses, townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, triplexes anywhere in Denver and the surrounding areas. We have also bought single family houses in 19 states across the country.

The first step is the walk-through of your property where we assess the physical condition and location. Because we have purchased so many homes, we can quickly determine what repairs may be needed, or what improvements would maximize the value of the property.

Once we have these factors we can then determine our budget for any repairs/updates. Next we  determine the highest possible resale value and our expenses incurred to sell it. We look at current market conditions and perform a close review of recently sold properties that are similar to yours. Our renovated properties consistently sell at the top of the market and we pride ourselves on quality renovations and updates.

The next step is to determine our offer price to you after subtracting our renovation expenses, holding and sales costs, and a reasonable profit margin from the estimated resale price. Similar to any business, we do need to have the potential to make a profit when buying properties, but we are also committed to offering the most for your property that we can. The majority of the profit we make is through value-add renovations and updates. We look only for win-win situations that will provide a solution to you, the seller.

We pay all of the closing costs EXCEPT the title insurance policy. No cash out of pocket is required for you to sell to us.

That’s totally fine, we buy houses in all conditions and will buy yours “As-Is”. We won’t ask to do any repairs or even any cleaning. If you want to leave all your things in the house that’s fine too!

No! All the paperwork can be completed electronically and the title company will wire your funds immediately upon closing.

We are flexible on timing and can setup a closing date that works well for your schedule. We have closed in as quickly as 3 days or as long as several months. Whenever you are ready to sell we will be ready with cash waiting for you.

Absolutely not. We have bought many houses with tenants in place. We will need a copy of the lease from you and we can help the tenants relocate after closing.

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